Week #73

Hello! Hello hello!

Listen to this! Remember how last Sunday was incredibly fantastically wonderful?! Well guess what this Sunday was like! AMAZINGLY FANTASTIC! Why the Lord blesses me SO much over and over and over again, I cannot comprehend. He just plops giant dollops of love and happiness into my life for me!

And yes I did have a whole week since I last wrote, but Sunday was again the highlight! So I will start with that, and then if I have more time I will try to get some other things in.

Important events leading up to the magnitude of awesomeness of Sunday:
OK, I think last week I mentioned that I was asked to give a talk the next week, and of course I accepted. I was told to pray about my topic and so I did. And I chose to talk about lessons I learned on my mission. Since, as a missionary, nearly every hour of the day is assigned to something, it is hard to have time to prepare a talk. I started as soon as I could and worked a little bit on it everyday. I prayed that the Lord would recognize my efforts and make my offering sufficient. I paged through journals from earlier on my mission and from the MTC and gathered a long list of lessons I felt I had learned. After a while I stopped looking for more lessons and started to focus in on a few to share. I started picking and writing down a point form list of feelings, thoughts, ideas, scriptures and quotes that I wanted to share. Each day I would review what I had written the day before, maybe make some changes or improvements, and then add on. By Saturday I felt I had to stop adding and changing. I also felt quite nervous. I prayed that I would at least do a good enough job that it wouldn’t make a bad impression for anyone. Haha. They only remember you if you did really well or really poorly, so I figured as long as I could be average then it wouldn’t be bad. (I have the same fear for my “homecoming talk” by the way.) Of course I planned to try my best, but I didn’t need the Lord to make me a superstar. I just didn’t want to fail.

OK. So. Sunday rolls around. Dun dun dunnnnn. I was a bit nervous all morning but worked on concentrating on other things and positive thoughts. It was St. Patrick’s day too! So we wore green! (We got the elders and the branch president in on it too :) ) So first thing that happens when I get to church is that the ladies who are there all tell me how beautiful I look today. My heart was getting all filled up from the moment I stepped in. I love going in and hugging and kissing all the ladies on both cheeks. (Some of them even kiss you three times!). It is so great. Some investigators that we la-la-love also came to church!

So then church starts and all is well. They announce who will be speaking and I get several smiles my way when they announce me. We sing. We take the sacrament (which was quite peaceful considering my trying to suppress my stress) and then the first speaker speaks. It literally felt like she was up there for 1 minute. Oh time! Sometimes a friend, but most often not. So then I go up. And I start talking. And it was really interesting for me. I had read through my notes enough times throughout the week that I didn’t have to look down very much. I felt more or less calm too. I testified, I shared, I spoke, I did my best. Afterward I went to sit down and my companion hugged me. Right away things that I said or didn’t say or did or didn’t do started going through my head and I worried that maybe I didn’t do so well. But then we sing and the third speaker goes up. It is Péter, the most saintly wonderful member who I love very much. His talk was incredible. He talked on the Saviour. I couldn’t even worry about my talk anymore because I was feeling the Spirit as I listened to his every word.

Now I wish I could type faster and be more eloquent so I could really explain my feelings about what happened after the closing hymn. But I will do my best. So after the closing hymn, I stand up so I can go over to Péter and express my awe and thanks for his talk. But to my surprise, I couldn’t get to him because of all the people that were coming up to me. I couldn’t believe all the wonderful things the people were saying about my talk. Some said they wished I could have talked even longer so they could hear more, others thanked me for reminding them of things they had learned themselves, others said they felt the Spirit as I spoke, and many shook my hand and thanked me. Péter later even told me that he really felt the Spirit strongly while I spoke and that during my talk he was given more inspiration for things to use and say in his talk

I was flabbergasted.

Didn’t they notice all the grammar mistakes? Didn’t they notice that I didn’t explain certain concepts very well. Didn’t they see all those things that made me feel almost as if I had sinned during my talk? Satan works SO hard. He really puts so many untrue thoughts into our minds. I can’t believe I listen to him and let him influence my thoughts. I did my very best, and then allowed Satan to make me feel bad about it. Jaj jaj. Satan is rude. But the Lord loves me, so he sent all the wonderful members to tell me that I did a good job.

Then in the following two hours of church, members kept expressing their love for me. It was so wonderful to me. I expressed my love in return for them. In the second hour I got to be scribe for the teacher and I quite enjoyed it. In the third hour there was much talk of how much the members love one another and feel united. (We had a really nice event on Saturday.) Then after church was choir; we have an Easter Performance this coming Saturday. And then after choir we had a meeting with a new investigator. Péter agreed to come teach with us. It was such a wonderful program! It was humbling because I think he is a much better teacher than I, but it was really great to have him there. He really was a blessing to Sister Burdick and I and to the new investigator. It was just so much joy packed into a single day. I hope all my Sundays can be this joyful!

The Lord loves me and He keeps sending me love through other people. That way I cannot miss it. I know He loves me.

Well I ran out of time as I feared. But I think my Sunday experience should be enough of an update for now :)

Next Sunday a seniour couple is coming to Szolnok to speak and they have offered to take my luggage to Budapest for me so I don’t have to lug it on the train. I am so grateful. So I am already getting started on packing! Even so, going home doesn’t feel real. I’m sure it will happen though. I just don’t know what it will be like. My trainer wrote me a nice long email which I printed out and will read later. I bet she will give me some really uplifting words and help me prepare to handle going home. I loved my trainer when I was with her and I love her even more now as I understand more of what it was like for her and as she continues to support me. I love my mission mama!

OH and one more thing! This coming Saturday we are invited over to be fed by a member family and since I am leaving the mom is SO sweet and made me pick EVERYTHING. So cute. What food, what kind of soup, what kind of noodles in the soup… I am not kidding. It was SO sweet. I tried to tell her that whatever she makes would be great but she wouldn’t have any of that.She wants me to get what I want. WHY DO PEOPLE LOVE ME SO MUCH??? Nem értem. I really don’t get it. But I love it!

OK I really need to stop writing now.


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